Nationwide Carpet Cleaning Waco: Crying Carpets


Your Carpets Are Crying Out...For You...To Call Me...Immediately!


  1. The Longer You Wait...The Faster Your Carpets, Rugs, and Upholstery Will Wear Out! Everyday I pull pounds and pounds of sandy soil out of the base of your neighbors carpets. It is in yours too! Spread the yarns apart and take a deep look. This sand is scratching and dulling your carpet. It is grinding your expensive yarns down into those worthless fibers that fill your vacuum bag.
  2. The Longer You Wait...The More Permanent Your Staining Becomes! While you are taking a deep look, how do the traffic lanes feel? The traffic lanes are covered with oily residue from the street and the air is drying out your carpet. The slightly sticky feel grabs dirt and lockes it in. Through the process called "oxidation" soils bond to the carpet, causing color change, and it becomes permanently attached. If you wait too long, you are throwing the key away to unlocking the dirt and oil from traffic lanes!
  3. The Longer You Wait...The More Unhealthy Your Carpets Become! Whatever is in your carpets you will breath over and over again. Your carpet functions like your air filter in your home. It filters out smoke, dust, pollens, and anything else that is airborn. Have you ever seen what is collected in your air filters in your home? Your carpets collect the same pollutants.

    Remember: Your carpets affect your families health.

    Truth: A clean carpet may not mean a healthy carpet.

    Explaination: Your carpets may also be home to countless bacteria, fugii, and dustmites. It is important for the health of your family to not only clean your carpets on a regular basis, but also to address any bacteria, fugus, and dustmite issues you may have. I offer an environmentally safe product called Microban that protects your home against germs, insects, odors, bacteria, fungii, and dustmites.

Dust Mite


CLEANING ENVIRONMENT...Nationwide Carpet Cleaning's cleaning process is free of any harmful emissions or VOCs (Volitile Organic Compounds).